Cynthia King is a rare example of someone who lives the poetry of her pratice and wisdom. In fact there is no other way to share, learn and heal thyself beyond living and celebrating the Life and you can vividly access such level of consciousness through her inspired presence and dedication. Thank you Cynthia for educating and healing us! Jay Sita Ram
-Arjun Das, Ayurveda Professor, www.triguna.com

Just being in Cynthia’s presence is a healing experience. The moment I would arrive at her spa I immediately felt a sense of calm, relaxation and knew that I was going to feel amazing when I walked back out the door. Her knowledge of the body and how to heal is astounding. I’ve had her lead me in yoga, meditation and experienced her massage therapy both while pregnant and not. As a photographer and mother, I am on my feet most of the day. I’m either lifting heavy lights or heavy children. The only thing that has alleviated both my stress and strain has been the healing hands and loving presence of Cynthia.
-Heather Golde, Heather Golde Photography, www.heathergolde.com

Cynthia has a soft and healing way about her – and her Ayurvedic services are no exception. She understands the anatomy and the subtleties of the human body in a way that makes her touch informed and purposeful. The first massage I received from Cynthia changed my perspective of what an effective massage was capable of.
-Mike Patton, Director, Yoga Vida, www.yogavida.com

I’m truly blessed to have Cynthia in my life. She has this ability to connect me to my body on all levels. There’s a since of trust with her, that my body is able to open up and receive her healing energy. She is truly one of the most gifted massage therapists I have worked with and am so grateful to be living in the same city as her to receive such wonderful treatments. She’s my angel, my healer, my friend.
-Jase, Lead Yoga Instructor at Modo Yoga, NYC

Cynthia’s work with the women and children in our domestic violence programs have been nothing short of amazing. The time she spent with injured soldiers and their caregivers showed her dedication and appreciation for courageous families. Her open-heart approach, compassion, and loving touch honored our clients by taking them to a safe and sacred space so their healing and transformation can begin. Cynthia has been a TOR volunteer with no limits to her giving, and we thank her for her immeasurable contribution to our organization.
-Jaime Bernardo, Founder, TOR: Touch Of Relief, www.touchofrelief.org

Cynthia King is an oasis of tranquility for body and soul.
-Joseph Hassett, Attorney at Law

Cynthia is amazing at what she does and it shows. She is mindful, well educated, generous, conscious, and understands exactly what our bodies and minds need to heal. Everything she does is always geniune and from the deepest heart-centered intention, she is always spreading… BIG HEALING LOVE!!
-Kimi Christensen, Owner FLOW~Interior Re-Design = aligning YOU and your SPACE

Buddha said, “To keep the body in good health is a duty, otherwise we shall not be able to keep our mind strong and clear.” Those awarded with the gift of touch are charged with the duty Buddha refers to in his quote and Cynthia King fulfills her’s with soulful purpose and intuition. Many times I have found myself at her table and each time just amazed at the thoroughness of her knowledge. Both learned and intuitive, there is something about her touch that makes you feel as if her hands are within you, manipulating, altering, honing in on aching muscles, massed knots, blocked energy lines. As she does body work, a sense of calm seems to emanate from her as your whole being, physical and spiritual become what you almost feel a body should always be, relaxed, strong and clear. If I am ever in need of body work, Cynthia’s hands and love are the first things I turn toward.
-Orlando Mota, Creative Designer

I’ve met Cynthia Shobutte King eleven years ago when I moved to America, and it was a ‘coup de foudre’! She gave me amazing, healing and relieving massages. When I became pregnant, she took care of me,  communicated with my son (really tender experience). Every time, I came to see her in pieces, she was putting me back to myself. I discovered a beautiful person, a radiant soul.
-Charlotte Ghazarian, Artist, Paris/Berlin

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