Product Wisdom

True wellness and lasting beauty can only come from knowledge—
the knowledge of yourself and how you play a part in nature and everything that surrounds you. – Dr. Pratima Raichur

Taking a trip? Packing a few travel size self care body products is essential. Some products I love for a recent beach getaway (most shown) focus on bringing harmony and nourishment to the skin and body. With meager beginnings over a decade ago in the wellness world co-creating an all natural body product company, I have tested many natural skin care lines. These are some of the best, so I had to share. Enjoy!


Criteria for products I love:

natural = non-synthetic, made from nature’s 5 elements
organic = when possible
responsible = respects mother earth
connected = has a traceable story of ingredients, recipe, maker
sacred = created with intention, knowledge, tradition and lots of love

Floracopeia Products:

I am completely in love with the scents and essence of the new natural perfume Chandra Collection from Floracopeia. In each of these sweet little bottles you can find the worlds most exotic oils preserved in jojoba oil. Champa, rose, tuberose, jasmine and neroli are so potent, so many flowers used to make the smallest of drops. On this trip, I brought my rose (cooling), champa (grounding) and neroli (a spicy, sweet kick). Using my intuition, I blend. The size is absolutely perfect for travel and will fit in even the smallest of clutches for easy access anointing. Immediately after application, you will feel good and so will those around you!


Pratima Spa Products:

Our teeny tiny NYC apartment bathroom is full of Pratima Spa products.  A few essential that made the trip: Pitta herbal cleanser (not shown), Purifying Oil, Neem Rose Face Sunscreen + Neem Vetiver Body Sunscreen. Pratima’s herbal cleansers are dry (add water for desired consistency), herbal, easy to travel and great for summertime pitta skin. It takes the oily edge off without disrupting the skins natural pH. I use three drops of purifying oil (full of essential oils) post cleanser. ‘Oil on the face?’ you ask. Yes, my friend, welcome to Ayurveda! It is so nourishing.* The sunscreens are made specifically for face Neem/Rose or body Neem/Vetiver. For my face, I currently use the face sunscreen as a light daily moisturizer. For intense sun, both should be applied every two hours for maximum protection. For the body, Pratima staff expert advise: start with a nourishing layer of Neem Oil, then apply Neem/Vetiver Body Sunscreen.  These products are natural, they do not clog pours and they have the ability to heal deep tissue layers.

*Pitta skin products work for my specific summer skin type; you can customize Pratima’s products to your own skin type by taking a skin dosha quiz on line or by scheduling a consultation with Dr. Pratima Raichur.

Pratima Skincare

Aromabliss Products:

Ritually based and thoughtful in creation, Aromabliss products are magical. Lilavati (creator) is such a goddess and when you use her products you will feel like royalty.  On this trip I brought Vamakeshi Hair Oil (not shown), Nasya Oil, Breast Balm (not shown), Shakti Ojas. Vamakeshi Hair Oil: After days in the ocean, sun and sand, Imassaged this into my scalp (and my sweetie’s) for a rejuvenation treatment. This oil can easily be incorporated in your daily self abhyanga, at the scalp. While on vacation, I used the ocean as nature’s neti pot followed by a few drops of Nasya Oil to extend clarity and keep the colds at bay with this natural anti-inflammatory that coats as well as delves deep into the tissues. Aromabliss Nasya oil is incredible and I will continue to use daily in NYC! Goddess breast balm is full of Ayurveda tradition for breast health with pomegranate oil, macadamia butter and evening primrose. Lush, luxurious and great for daily use, I also found this balm also nourishing for breast tenderness. Shakti Ojas = juicy goddess.  Aromabliss could not be a more perfectly descriptive name for this product line.