nature (re)connection

Come forth into the light of things, let nature be your teacher.
William Wordsworth

Monday morning. Taking a city break by train, enjoying the introspection of the visibly changing leaves. Mostly deep green, yellow and a few fiery trees, creating a burnt sienna haze if you relax your eyes. Some of the brighter mustard leaves are beginning to fall, but the overall feeling is still quite lush. The Hudson River on my left through the trees with only the sounds of the train chugging along in a valley between the rocky hills and mountains. Content.

It is our true nature to connect with nature. This trip is precious to me. I have had the blessing of meeting and spending time with Dana and Michael Eudy in a couple of auspicious occasions. This time I will have the day with the family including their two kids and the plants. They are my heros. The plants called them to help, to make medicine, to serve. They listened and pursued. Looking forward to the day unfolding. First, take time to take the warm sun in and meditate. Om.