July NYC Master Teaching Events

“When you do things from your soul, you feel a river moving in you, a joy.”
― Rumi

After a busy day of massage and a cleansing yoga class taught by my ashram brother, Jason, under the full moon nectar of Guru Purnima, I am so excited to talk about a special month of study/teachings being offered in NYC.

The more I delve into my journey of service, the more I gratefully find myself in the company of authentic, masterful, generous teachers who serve their students on an unprecedented level. The teachers I am speaking about, are guides, they are gifts to this lifetime who selflessly offer experiential (as well as intellectual) maps that kindle the flame in the devotional hearts of many.

So, it is time to share!

I am thrilled to announce one of my most inspired teachers, Arjun Das, from Brazil will be coming to visit NYC to teach and consult. We have planned a week long tour of NYC July 11th-17th with quite a few events for everyone interested in learning a basic principals in Ayurveda and tips on how to take better care of ourselves (translation: love ourselves more, re-awaken our natural instincts, lessen the separation between ourselves and others, tap into unbridled creativity, let go of fears, etc.). Who is interested?

Arjun Das is an Ayurvedic Practitioner & Panchakarma Specialist, and founder-director of TriGuna Institute in Brazil (since 2001). He was recognized with the award ‘Vagbhata 2009 – Excellence in Teaching Ayurveda’ by AAPNA (North American Ayurvedic Association) and has represented Brazil in major Indian Conferences as a guest lecturer. He is a Certified Hatha Yoga Instructor (2001) and is a researcher in Medical Astrology, studying local herbs and their connection with Vedic astrology for health and meditation. Arjun offers Ayurvedic training courses in various states of Brazil, USA, Europe and India since 2001, where he also supervises his students for clinic residency in Kerala.

Please check out 5 Elements Spa Event Page and share! Most lecture events average about $20/$25 for 2 hours.  Arjun will also be taking 75 Minute Consultations for either a professional Vedic Astrology or Ayurveda Constitution for a fee of $150.  For questions or scheduling exceptions to events page, please contact Cynthia.

Remember to have some quiet time to yourself this month, stay cool, bask in the moonlight, smell the roses, sit in the shade and find the breeze. Please contact me with any questions, assistance or just to connect! Happy biggest full moon of the year.


P.S. The Ananda Ashram in upstate NY will be hosting Dr. Vasant Lad the week of July 17th, check this link. We will be headed up there on Tuesday morning.  Hope to see you there too!