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IMG_2767Once in a lifetime experience of authentic teachings in Ayurveda coupled with a front seat navagation adventure with my love, my trip to India was mindblowing.  Surely, the passport of my heart will long carry a stamp of gratitude for this journey.

It began in Kerala, well…. no…. it actually began in Dubai!  I stop at a cafe to get myself ready for India with a spicy chai after a long flight from NYC.  In a synchronistic moment across oceans from Brazil, my mentor, teacher and soon to be guide of India, Arjun Das arrives on the scene with and a very lively bunch of beautiful Brazilians.  We join together with introductory double kisses and Portuguese that I don’t (yet) understand and we all join in line for the last leg of our India arrival to Kozhikode.


We were graciously greeted in the airport by the Ayurgreens Ayurveda Hospital team.  Flower bouquets for each of us, a decorated van with disco lights and Indian music and we were off to the hospital in Kerala.  Several weeks with an incredible team of dedicated yogis and many many learning moments of magic later, the second portion of my adventure continued with my love when destiny brought us together in Delhi, India.  Now it is time to shift gears as a spriritual passenger to a full blown driver with my love (the most supportive husband EVER!).  We traveled to Delhi, Jaipur, Agra, Pushkar, Udiapur, Gujarat and finally Goa (and definitely some places, planes, trains, motorbikes, tuk-tuks and automobiles in between)!

I could go on and on about this trip and maybe my journal entries will make it to the blog page….. but for now, I have a funny inclination that you would prefer a visual interpretation of what our camera saw in India.


Jai (salutations) and many thanks to all of the energy, people, animals, plants,  love, grace, elements, service and teachings that manifested into this journey.

Super special thanks to Arjun Das, founder of Triguna Institute and Viver Ayurveda (this is who you want to go to India with!), Dr. Asgar, Vaidya Karunaji and the amazing team at AyurGreens, Kerala.

Check out India 2013 Video here and 5 Element Spa Vimeo Page 

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