One’s destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things.
– Henry Miller

As gratitude sets in for my practices, the unconditional love and support that surrounds my life, I am filled with an inner curiosity.

Why India? Why yoga? Why ayurveda? Why me?

My spiritual journey is not always steady and peaceful, it requires work. But, it brings me deep inner joy and has an unquantifiable meaning in my heart. It supports me, allows me to observe, heal and then flower time and time again. But, what is it that draws me (and so many others) to India? I look forward to continued contemplation.

I will begin my journey in Kerala, studying in an Ayurveda Hospital for two weeks. The rest of the trip has yet to be determined, but I will be flying out of Dehli, so traveling South to North is in the cards.

When we answer the call to hold the hands of others, the light shines brighter on our own path. Not knowing what is on the other side, I am grateful for every footstep that has brought me here.

Trip details: Jan 2 – Feb 8, 2013
NYC work details: back to work @
Pratima Spa = Saturday, Feb. 9th;
Moksha = Tuesday, Feb. 12th

Love and light to you in the new year!

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