Ayurveda Consultations + Body Treatments @ Stay Twisted Ludington, MI

April 6, 2019 - April 7, 2019
12:00 am

girl in natureAyurveda, (eye-yur-VAY-duh), derived from the Sanskrit words for “life” and “knowledge or wisdom”, is an ancient traditional system of natural healing that is deeply rooted in yoga and the Vedic culture of India. With a long clinical history of healing, the ayurveda offerings are chosen to support and compliment a clean, balanced and joyful modern lifestyle.
  • Ayurveda Holistic Health Consultation: 90 min – $150
    • includes: a brief description of ayurveda, a discussion of your Ayurveda Constitution Mind-Body Type (Prakriti), your imbalances (Vikriti) and presenting concerns. We will discuss your history, current lifestyle, environmental surroundings, daily routines and body system functions including: appetite, digestion and elimination. Your tongue and pulse will be assessed. An Ayurvedic plan of (any number of the following) diet, health routine, herbs, yoga, pranayama and meditation will be discussed and emailed to you within the your session.
  • Abhyanga Massage: 60 min – $108 introductory rate
    • medium pressure full body (scalp + face included) warm organic oil massage stimulating the lymphatic system, opening up energy channels and nourishing the nervous system. detoxifying and nourishing.
  • Abhyanga with Deep Tissue focus: 75 min – $130 introductory rate
    • includes abhyanga (above) + deep tissue focussed work on 1-2 specific injuries and areas of tightness or blockages.

Location: Stay Twisted Community Fitness.

Saturday April 6th 12pm – 7pm (last appointment start time 5pm)
Sunday April 7th 10am – 3pm (last appointment start time 1pm)
To Schedule: Text Cynthia @ 202-409-4453 with name, email, type of appointment + desired date/time
Payment: required for booking via PayPal cynthia@5elementspa.com or Venmo @5elementspa; 48 hour cancellation policy