2019 Virtually Led Fall – 4 Day At h’OM’e Cleanse

October 20, 2019 - October 25, 2019
All Day

The Virtually Led Fall 4 Day at h’OM’e Cleanse is designed for busy humans who don’t have the time for a longer cleanse. It could be perfect for you if:

  • You are ready to feel lighter, be more peaceful, get sick less and crave healthier foods.
  • You can set aside a few days to eat our special cleansing diet.
  • You are committed to prioritizing your health – at least for 4 days.
  • You are interested in an at h’OM’e cleanse led by an experienced ayurveda practitioner who can guide you on a daily basis to make the most effective cleanse choices.
  • You crave 1:1 support to achieve realistic personal cleansing “goals”.
  • You need a detox program that you can do while working.
  • You don’t have any serious medical issues. If you do, please feel free to contact cynthia@5elementspa.com with questions.

Included in the Virtually Led at h”OM”e Cleanse:

  • 30 Minute Zoom cleanse consultation with an experienced ayurveda practitioner.
  • Daily 15 minute check-ins with an ayurveda practitioner to support and guide you.
  • 8am-4pm text access to an ayurveda practitioner for logistical + practical cleanse questions.
  • Assistance from an ayurveda practitioner in choosing meal plans, herbal formulas and laxative choices based on your unique imbalances
  • Customized adjustments throughout the cleanse if needed.
  • Organic food and herbs needed for the basic cleanse. At consultation discussion, additional + pre-post cleanse foods clearly outlined for your shopping list.

Included in the free Cleanse eBook (click left banner/icon below):

  • Why regular cleansing is essential to your health.
  • Why and how the cleanse supports the body’s natural ability to burn fat and detoxify itself.
  • How to facilitate a deep detox of toxins in your fat cells and rebalance your blood sugar levels with the oleation protocol (drinking ghee each morning).
  • Four meal plan options to choose from based on your body’s unique needs.
  • A recipe for the nourishing and detoxifying kitchari, which is a traditional ayurveda rice and bean dish used for cleansing and digestive rebalancing
  • How and why to follow the herbal protocol.
  • Daily routines that will calm your nervous system, quiet your mind, de-stagnate your lymphatic system and increase the benefits of your detox. You can also continue all of these practices after the cleanse to combat stress and live more peacefully.
  • Foods to avoid during the cleanse.
  • How to omit snacking to balance your blood sugar levels.
  • A little known and powerful rehydration technique that will help reduce cravings, release toxins and improve your digestion.
  • How and why to do the safe and gentle laxative on the evening of day 4.
  • Suggestions for how to do a deeper, more intensive detoxification program next time.

Summary of what you’ll do each day:

Each morning you will drink increasing amounts of melted ghee and eat a simple NON-FAT diet to force fat metabolism so you start burning off fat cells. Because fat is a stable, non-emergency fuel, you feel calm when you enter fat metabolism mode.

Fat is a detox fuel because molecules of emotion, fat-soluble toxins and chemicals are stored in our fat cells. Some of the toxins stored in our fat cells are preservatives, DDT, dioxin, pollutants, pesticides and other cancer-causing chemicals.

  • You’ll take 3 ayurveda herbal formulas to open your detox pathways, facilitate a deeper detox and improve digestion.
  • You will eat a NON-FAT diet of kitchari, which is a special type of split yellow mung dahl beans and white basmati rice. Your goal is to eat 3 meals a day without snacking.
  • The Daily Routine includes specific hydration protocols and stress relieving practices.
  • On the evening of day 4, you will do a gentle laxative that will help remove the toxins that the ghee and nonfat diet have loosened from your cells.

Fees + Payment $324.95:

  • Cleanse Food + Herbs (click left banner below + order) $124.95
  • Virtually Led Cleanse with an ayurveda practitioner: 30 minute cleanse consultation + guidance + support for during the cleanse. $200.00 p/p

2019 Spring/Fall cleanse (cleanse dates includes pre, post and 4 main cleanse days)

  • Oct 20-Oct 25

Cleanse sign up steps/deadlines

  • To ensure delivery to your home, order your supplies (click left banner below) by Sunday Oct 6.
  • Once you order your products, contact cynthia@5elementspa.com to sign up for the cleanse
  • Make your payment to Venmo @cynthiagking OR Paypal cynthia@5elementspa.com
  • Schedule your cleanse consult + daily checkins, contact cynthia@5elementspa.com or text 202-409-4453.
  • Yay! Let’s do this!

Click on the banners below to see the two at home cleanse options fully endorsed by 5 Element Spa, the @ Home 4 day Cleanse and the two week Colorado Cleanse. Feel free to contact us if you are interested in a 1:1 individual supported cleanse outside of these dates or hosting a local and/or onsite community group cleanse (can also include ayurveda cleansing body treatments).