Call To Action

Action expresses priorities.
-Mahatma Ghandi

Transforming intention into action is what inspired my trip last week. Living as a (mostly) city girl who really appreciates being in nature, I took an educational trip to upstate New York to spend time with some inspiring people, connect and be in satsang (Sanskrit सत्सङ्ग sat = true, sanga = company).

My first stop was an overnight trip. I took the train from NYC to Rhinecliff, NY where my good friend, Dana Eudy and her daughter, Francis picked me up. The Eudy tribe: Michael, Dana and their two super fun kids Cy(rus) “the tree climber” and sweet Francis, who generously thanks the cows for their milk as a typical grace before dinner.

Not long ago, the family completely changed everything about their Brooklyn, NY lifestyle to be in service to medicinal plants and the well being, holistic health care of local communities by creating an herbal farm and apothecary called Field Apothecary and Herb Farm.

What do they do and how do they do it?  they built a greenhouse, designed a farm, tended to the farm, harvested crops (this year), created a CSA (community supported agriculture), made medicine, created ½ share and full share programs of these beautiful herbal honeys, tinctures and “kitchen” botanical medicine.  This is a huge undertaking, a lot of blood, sweat and maybe even a few tears. But this family believes that the plants have a destiny and while they are taking care of the plants, they watch, listen and then deliver these wise messages to the community.

After getting my boots in the mud and hands in the dirt (literally) at the Field Apothecary, Michael, Dana and I traveled to Saratoga Springs, NY for a workshop with David Crow, founder of Floracopeia (enter 5elementspa for a discount), who was hosted by a good friend of ours and local Saratoga Springs acupuncturist, Brigette Kinder.

The workshop topic was Ayurveda Aromatherapy. For those of you who do not know David Crow (yet), he is the founder of Floracopeia. He is a botanical master, a magnetically charged poet that has the ability to manifest vast community awareness and healing through a certain transcendent philosophy of plants, all the while, strongly committed to sustainably replanting the global garden.  Full of action, he is all of that, and then some.  I have taken several trainings/workshops with David and each time my heart and mind are fully satiated, somehow he reminds me we (all living beings) are connected. If you get a chance and the spirit moves you, go and be with David, he is a gift. Listen and learn, he freely shares his experience with plant based medicine.

Without further ado, I would like to introduce to you – the lovely, Bridgette Kinder, L.Ac., founder of Ageless Acupuncture and Herbal Apothecary  in Saratoga Springs, NY. She is a powerfully humble practitioner with an unstoppable dedication for healing.  She offers high quality and experienced acupuncture sessions, herbal and ayurveda consultations. She has a beautiful healing center downtown. Her most recent call to action? Jars and jars of herbs full of healing energy carefully placed on shelves in a beautiful apothecary (doors opening soon) awaiting their custom blend destiny. Wow.

As I am being called into action, I am grateful for the authentic flames of inspiration that keep my fire ignited.  Come join me, Sunday, November 11th, for a community workshop in New York City, at the Alphabet City Community Center, where we will experience and discuss practical uses of aromatic botanical medicine (essential oils) through the the lens of the 5 Elements in Ayurveda Medicine.


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