Ayurveda Consultations

An Initial Ayurveda Consultation will take an hour and consist of a brief explanation of Ayurveda, a discussion of your Ayurvedic Mind-Body Type (Prakriti), your imbalances (Vikriti) and presenting concerns.

To understand the causative factors involved, we will discuss your history, current lifestyle, environmental surroundings, daily routines and body system functions including: appetite, digestion and elimination. Evaluation of your tongue and pulse (if in person) will be assessed. An Ayurvedic plan of (any number of the following) diet, health routine, herbs, yoga, pranayama and meditation will be emailed to you. For optimum results, a follow up appointment 3 weeks after your initial consultation is ideal.

What to expect in your consult:

Discussion of history and presenting issues
Identification of imbalance(s) and goals
Ayurvedic Plan emailed to you
Schedule follow up appointment

How to schedule:

Request and schedule your Ayurveda Consultation
Set up a profile on Mind Body Online, with Yoga 216 (please add a credit card on file)
Receive necessary intake forms via email
Complete and email intake forms prior (48 hours) to your appointment and email to cynthia@5elementspa.com
Show up for your appointment and start your journey into balance!


Initial Consultation (60 Minute) $175
Follow Up (30 Minute) $55

*Full payment is used to secure your appointment. 48 hour 100% Cancellation policy in place.